Memorials and the laughter of children

We, the boys and I, went to a park downtown late this afternoon where there is a high spraying play fountain.  We’ve been there before, but for the first time I wore my swimsuit under my clothes just in case I felt like getting wet.  They knew this, and nagged me until I consented to get up and come get in.

They tired after a while and crossed the street to play on the new playground.  I followed, then walked over to the war memorial that’s nearby as it is relatively new, also.  There was some controversy over the city building the new playground so close to the war memorial.  I think some people thought there would be disrespectful treatment of the memorial.  I saw no evidence of this; in fact, I saw one mother harshly correct her child for misbehaving while they were looking at the Medal of Honor recipients.

As I walked through the columns, reading the names and thinking about how many people have given their lives for this country, I could hear echoing from the fountain the laughter and screams of children.  And I reflected that indeed, the proximity of the fountain and playground is perfect.  I’d like to think most of the people memorialized on those markers would agree that the freedom of those laughing children was the main thing they were fighting for.

Tidbits from KY trip

  • While at the hotel in Lexington, Oscar decided he wanted a sock monkey.  Right then.  Ruined his whole evening when we told him he’d have to wait till we got home to get the stuff to make one.  We still don’t know what made it so urgent.
  • Two days later we find one in Target.  We’re still going to make one, though.
  • Felix rides a horse.  Decides he wants a horse.  Decides he has to live in KY when he grows up because it’s easier to take care of a horse there.  So that lets me off the hook; he knows he can’t move to KY till he’s grown up.
  • We pass “Stinking Creek Road” while going up the interstate and Felix lists it as one of the top most unappealing names ever.
  • Two non-ball players had a blast at the Louisville Slugger museum and had to buy souvenirs.

My kids are so funny sometimes.  Great and memorable trip.

Three Little Words

Felix is an early bird, like his dad.  Oscar is a sleepyhead, like me.  Getting him up in the morning is akin to prising a wisdom tooth out of its socket, though I have been informed that he doesn’t seem to have as much trouble getting up at his dad’s.  I suspect it rather has to do with his internal knowledge that his early bird dad doesn’t have a scrap of sympathy for this condition, so he doesn’t even attempt to play it up.  Mommy, however, is a softy.


I overslept this morning, though, (again!) and so jumped up to go into the kitchen to start the muffins that I had promised Felix I would make this morning, since he’s leaving tonight for a 2-day camping trip and won’t be spending another night here for more than a week.  Felix likes my muffins; I take an add-milk mix and mix in about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of whole wheat flour, then increase the milk to about 2/3 cup or enough to make the batter the right consistency.  It not only decreases the sugar per serving, the muffins stick to the ribs a bit better and I can usually get 2-3 more muffins out of it in yield.  And they taste good.


While I was doing this, Felix came into the kitchen, and I turned to him and said “Will you make sure Oscar is getting up, since I’m mixing these up?” and he immediately left.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, sometimes Felix’s methods are playful, akin to his dad’s, which doesn’t always go over well with Oscar (or me, either!).  I heard nothing, and shortly after, he came back into the kitchen grinning.  “I got him up with three little words,” he said.




“Mommy’s making muffins.”


Sure enough, a few minutes later, in rushes Oscar, already dressed, and jumping about excitedly.


Nothing like that to start my day off completely right, even if I don’t aspire to be Betty Crocker (or in this case, Martha White).

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